A Home For The Over-40 Martial Artist


More and more adults are discovering the benefits of martial arts.

Often perceived as a pastime for younger people, the martial arts are an ideal way to achieve or maintain physical fitness and general well being in your middle-age and beyond.

As an older student, martial arts can be particularly challenging.

Maybe you are noticing that you can’t move the way you used to move. Perhaps some of your joints cause you pain. Your flexibility may not be the same as it was when you were younger.

Maybe accumulated injuries, or wear and tear, have robbed you of some strength or movement.

These sorts of things are a normal part of aging. But they are not an excuse!

Training in a martial art is an ideal way to ensure you are getting a regular physical workout, improving your flexibility, and keeping your mind sharp.

Martial arts are an all-round activity, incorporating so many different physical activities, that you just can’t find anything else like it!

Sure you might find some things hard to do, or you might find some activities frustrating. But that’s no reason to give up on martial arts training.

In fact giving up would be just about the worst thing you can do.

You would find yourself in a downward spiral of inactivity. By training regularly you are helping your muscles stay strong and ensuring good blood flow throughout your body.

If these muscles are allowed to become weak, then you would begin to move less, and your muscles get even weaker. Things would only get worse.

So… stick to it. Don’t give up. Find a way through, around, over or under the frustrations and pain. Being involved in the martial arts is the best place for you. (Here’s why: Amazing Benefits of Martial Arts for the Over 40s)

And, if you are just getting started, then a big welcome to you to! You are in the right place… both in terms of looking to the martial arts for your chosen activity, but also finding us here at martialartsover40.com!