Beginners Corner

Starting a martial art is daunting at the best of times. Starting as a more “mature” student can be even more intimidating, especially when you are training with people who are far younger than you, and are perhaps in their physical prime.

Also beginning any physical activity presents its challenges, and if you have been less active you may find a martial art presents you with some unique physical challenges.

In the beginners corner we will try to help you get started in the martial art of your choice with advice and strategies on how to go about choosing a club, what you might want to be doing outside of class to help you get in shape for your chosen martial art, and how to ensure you stay physically fit and injury free.

Knowing Your Motivations Before Martial Arts Training

Undergoing martial arts training has a lot of advantages. In fact, many people choose to undertake such martial arts as endeavor for the sole purpose of achieving those advantages. To someone who is bullied in school, it may provide them the necessary skills for self defense. Moreover, martial arts training might serve as an avenue […]

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There Are Many Benefits To Doing The Martial Arts

More people are realizing the benefits of martial arts as a fitness program. People of all ages and genders have begun to find that they enjoy the workout and discipline they learn in martial art training programs. There are many styles of martial arts to choose from. Since these programs have grown so much in […]

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Why Practice Martial Arts?

By Damir Butkovic   Martial Arts are a great way to achieve your personal goals, get fit, learn new skills, live healthy, manage your stress, and lift your self-esteem and confidence. Common misconception is that you have to be certain age to start training. This is true if you would like to become a world […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Martial Arts

By Tisha Kulak Tolar   What could be better than getting healthy and fit while learning how to defend yourself? There are a wide variety of martial art programs that allow individuals to get great exercise all while also learning techniques for self defense. Here is some information about the various martial arts, to help […]

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Am I Too Old To Start Karate Training?

By Luciano Paparella   The question I hear often is, “Am I too old to start Karate?” Another concern people have is that they’re not flexible enough to be able to participate in a karate class. What distinguishes karate as a discipline from most other sports is its consideration for a person’s current level. A […]

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Simple Martial Arts Conditioning For Beginners

By Tim Gannon   Being a Black Belt in Martial Arts as well as being a Certified Fitness Trainer, I am asked all the time about what the best workout or routine is for a beginner or someone who has trained before and is just getting back into it. There are so many answers to […]

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Can I Learn A Martial Art At Home? (Part 2)

Earlier today I made a post about why you cannot learn a martial art from home, and covering reasons such as needing the guidance of an experienced instructor, and also needing to practice with as many different people as possible. As I contemplated this post I realized that I had completely missed out an extremely […]

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Can I Learn A Martial Art At Home?

By Brett Kraiger Can I learn a martial art at home? In a nutshell: No.. These days you can buy anything online, and I’m sure there are even sites that will sell you a black belt. If not a black belt, then a course that will promise to turn you into a deadly killing maching […]

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I’m Too Unfit To Begin A Martial Art!

By Brett Kraiger The thought that “I’m too unfit to begin a martial art” is something  that stops many people from taking their first steps into the arts. And if they are over 40 this may be even more true, because we are usually well outnumbered! When you first go along to a martial arts […]

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Choosing a Martial Art

By Brett Kraiger There is such a wide range of martial arts available to choose from that it can be near impossible for a beginner to know where to start. When you are older and looking to start there are also other factors that you might want to take into account. Honestly, the best way […]

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