Martial Arts Over 40 Fitness

Martial arts are ideal for building fitness, strength and flexibility. While these come naturally to the younger practitioner, as a more mature martial artist, these areas may present more of a challenge.

Whether you are just starting out in the martial arts, or are a seasoned practitioner, being fit and ready for training is important. Not only will you find yourself getting through lessons more comfortably, you will discover that your enjoyment level and motivation increases and you will be inspired to continue your journey.

On top of this, ensuring that your body is ready for the rigors of training means that you will be less likely to suffer injury that can take you away from the martial art that you love.

In this section we cover off strenth, flexibility, conditioning and cardio-vascular fitness to ensure you have a long and enjoyable martial arts journey.

Tips to Consider Before Static Stretching

Flexibility is vitally important in martial arts. It not only make your body able to perform the movement of your art, it also helps  your body become easily adaptable to the change needed in learning new skills! Static stretching is the most common way to increase flexibility. Static stretching is done in a fixed position […]

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Speed Training in Martial Arts

Speed training is important in martial arts since it not only improves physical speed; it also allows fast thinking. This is significant for people who are competing. Speed training will help you develop an edge against your competitors.

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Benefits of Core Strength Training

Core training means enhancing the strength of your abdominal, pelvic and back muscles. All of these are important in order to ensure that your core strength is enhanced.

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Martial Arts Conditioning: Effective Cardio Training

Knowing effective means of cardio training is significant for a successful martial art training. Since martial arts training is a physical activity, the body needs conditioning prior to this physically demanding activity. Cardio training helps the body to get use to the changing demands during increased activity.

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How Important is Cooling Down After Training?

In any form of physical activity, it’s vital to acknowledge that you go through different stages with varying energy requirements. Normally, the physical requirement for energy and water increases as the activity becomes more strenuous. As a result, the heart beats faster and breathing becomes deep and frequent in order to compensate with the increase […]

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The Benefits of Stretching Before and After Martial Arts Training

I remember way back in my school gym class, we wouldn’t start any form of physical activity unless we’ve finished the routine stretching for at least 10 minutes. My teacher would always emphasize its importance; telling us that it will help us to not get injured while playing. But for me, it was a time […]

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Significance of Trail Running in Martial Arts Training

Trail running serves as a form of cardio training for people engaging in martial arts trainining. However, its benefits is beyond the cardio aspect of training.

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Measure Your Flexibility – By Putting Your Socks On!

Without really realizing it, I found that one of the main determinants of whether I need to improve my flexibility is putting my socks on. First thing in the morning when getting dressed I will put my socks on, not sitting down, but whilst standing with no support, one foot at a time.

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Over 40s – Amazing Benefits From Doing Martial Arts

A good martial art could save your life. But maybe not quite how you might think.

While martial arts might help you in a confrontation, the potential improvement to your health is the greatest benefit of your training. At the very least, martial arts will can improve your health and make you feel a great deal better.

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Improving Your Martial Arts Flexibility

By Mich Andrews Reaching a good level of proficiency in hand to hand combat, contact sports and martial arts training requires a high degree of flexibility. How can we improve our flexibility and our performance? Stretching is the tried and tested method for gradually improving flexibility over time but it most be performed with due […]

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