Martial Arts Over 40 Fitness

Martial arts are ideal for building fitness, strength and flexibility. While these come naturally to the younger practitioner, as a more mature martial artist, these areas may present more of a challenge.

Whether you are just starting out in the martial arts, or are a seasoned practitioner, being fit and ready for training is important. Not only will you find yourself getting through lessons more comfortably, you will discover that your enjoyment level and motivation increases and you will be inspired to continue your journey.

On top of this, ensuring that your body is ready for the rigors of training means that you will be less likely to suffer injury that can take you away from the martial art that you love.

In this section we cover off strenth, flexibility, conditioning and cardio-vascular fitness to ensure you have a long and enjoyable martial arts journey.

The Value of Conditioning

By Larry Bethers Let’s face it. I am an old fart heading into the downside of middle age. I will never be as good physically as I was when I was jumping out of airplanes for a living. I have a fused back and a bum leg. I am over weight and sort of (really) […]

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Flexibility and Strength in Martial Arts

By Peter Nisbet Flexibility is the range of movement that you have in your joints. Some say that this definition should only apply if there is no exterior help to move the joint, but this is not correct. If your joints have a greater degree of movement when aided by an external force, then that […]

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The Importance Of Stretching After Age 40

Over the course of one’s life, the physiological changes that occur within the body work against us to reduce flexibility and general range of motion. Not only do people depend on joint manoeuvrability for exercise activities, such as their chosen martial art, but also for the basic functions of everyday life. The changes that take […]

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Why Cardio-Vascular Fitness Is So Important

Most martial arts require a good level of cardio-vascular fitness if you are to perform at your best and enjoy your training. It is no secret that cardio-vascular fitness is important to your health at any age. It increases the oxygen content of the blood and strengthens the respiratory system.  If you are over 40, […]

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Strength Training To Ward Off Aging

If you are over 40 and motivated to maintain your performance in the martial arts, then you will need to adjust your strength training in order to respond to your changing body. Most people do not immediately accept the way their bodies change as they age. If you have learned anything from your martial arts […]

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