Although the occasional injury is part and parcel of any martial art, there are steps you can take to ensure that you get as few as possible. Proper preparation and conditioning outside of class is a part of it, but also a good warm-up routine can also ensure you are ready for action.

As well as injury prevention it is also important to know how to treat an injury if you do happen to get one.

And finally if you do have ongoing injuries or limitations you need to understand how to work within those limitations while remaining active in the martial art of your choice.

Common Martial Arts Injury: Treating Bone Bruise

Martial arts training requires physical exertion. Whether it be in warm ups, practice kicking or sparring, you need to exert physical force. As a result of this, injury is inevitable. When you kick or punch a sand bag, the impact can hurt you. But when done in an appropriate manner, injury can then result. That […]

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Ice Compress: Immediate Remedy for Martial Arts Training Injury

Ice compress works to prevent swelling and reduce pain following a martial arts related injury. By constricting blood vessels, it prevents fluids from escaping to the injured area causing a reduction in swelling. It also relieves pain and discomfort.

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How Improper Jing Training Can Cause Injury

Speed and strength is important in martial arts training. However, you are bound to suffer from injuries if techniques are performed without restriction and when done improperly.

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Pain and Injury Treatment

If your mind is into martial arts, your body has to go along with it and sooner or later, hard training, competition or a tough grading is likely to result in an injury or at the very least, some niggling discomfort. What are some of your treatment options?

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Pain in Middle Aged Martial Artists – How Supplements Can Help Prevent Injury

In this third part in his Series on Pain Craig Hart continues looking into the relationship between diet and its effect on pain. This time with an eye on supplements. Make sure you grab a coffee before sitting down to read this post… its pretty long, but worth reading every word!

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The Influence of Diet on Pain and Injury in Older Martial Artists

Our bodies are our vehicles for as long as we walk the earth. These vehicles need to be maintained and given the correct fuel to do what they need to do. i.e. Repair and regenerate. The strains of daily existence continuously subject us to damage at a cellular level. Luckily, our bodies are immensely powerful, intuitive and totally tuned in to exactly what needs to be done.

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Pain and the Over 40 Martial Artist

Martial Artists are usually no strangers to pain. As older martial artists we need to be more aware of what causes pain, and what to do when we have it. Pain really is our friend, and is trying to tell us something. This is the first part in a series exploring pain.

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Injury Prevention Through Musculoskeletal Exercise

By M D Wright Our bodies are built to endure basic, everyday use. But without care and consideration to the multiple parts that are always in play, we run the risk of incurring injury. Countering this is easy, however. Using structural musculoskeletal exercises can be used to strengthen this system. Just like breathing, an automatic […]

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Preventing Injury – Tricks For The 40+ Practitioner

When you are over 40, injury prevention becomes a much more important aspect of your exercise regimen. Taking steps to prevent injury is always an important part of any athletic person’s exercise routine. As you age, it becomes increasingly important while it also becomes increasingly difficult to recover from injuries. This is especially true if […]

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