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by on March 25, 2013

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There are more than a dozen reasons why people get into martial arts. For the young it could be a hobby and for the old it could be for health related reasons. But some people have some unconventional reasons and stories on how they ended up with martial arts.

Take for example Julie Kitchen, a wife and mother of 13 year old twins. This 36 year old mom is known as one of the world’s toughest female Muay Thai¬†fighters¬†with 14x world titles under her name.

In this video, Julie explains how she got into Muay Thai. It’s surprising to note that she started it after she had children. When asked how she is able to handle all her responsibility as a mother on top of her training, she credits her family’s support for making it easy for her to juggle everything.

The No.1 World ranked ladies Muay Thai Boxing Champion from Cornwall, UK Julie Kitchen holds 14x World titles. She is a fighter, trainer, ambassador for Muay Thai Womens Boxing and mother of twin daughters Amber and Allaya aged 13 yrs. Who by the way are both british no1. As an ambassador for Muay Thai Boxing, Jule is especially encouraging women to get involved and achieve their goals even when facing adversity. Butterflies also have a special meaning to her. To read more visit bit.ly or to get an Inside Look from her husband and trainer Nathan Kitchen, visit bit.ly AthletesLiveHere.com brings you a ongoing series called PROfiles. Giving you the personal insight from the athlete on life, sport, and more. Subscribe above to AthletesLiveHere Channel and stay tuned! www.AthletesLiveHere.com www.facebook.com www.twitter.com.com www.pinterest.com Music – Girls Love Shoes – “Bad Girl” (O-Minus Remix)

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