40-year old Dad’s Love for Jiu Jutsu

by on June 11, 2012

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Steve Wells, a 40-year old dad, discusses his experience in martial arts training in the video below. He mentions how Jiu Jutsu has helped him become a better and more patient dad. As a father of two young kids myself this really stood out for me.

Watch the full video to discover more about how martial arts helped Steve Wells develop as a person.

Martial arts help improve a person in a holistic manner. As mentioned in many of my previous posts, they cater to the needs of the body, mind and emotions. This can be attested through Steve Wells’ Jiu Jutsu training experience. He recounts the following events when asked about the first time he got into training.

“My wife signed me up… I got on the mat. After the end of that class, I got hooked. And now, I hate to say it, it’s an addiction. I really love Jui Jutsu.”

What really stood out for me was how he stated in the video that training has significantly improved his ability to handle stressful situations as a father. When asked how he benefits from martial arts training, he says…

“First and foremost, it brought me the patience with my one-year old son. Because before I didn’t think I could have the patience being my age and having a one-year old. And it has helped me with my health and being active and fast on my feet…”

This only shows that the significance of martial arts training goes beyond purely physical, beyond self defence, and beyond competition. It is so much more than that, and I personally believe that this is even more so the older you get. As an older and hopefully wiser person, you can see the true benefits of a martial art. Something that many younger students completely miss.

Each month PMA chooses one of our most successful clients to turn the spotlight on and find out more about their training. This month PMA has chosen 40 year old Steve Wells.

Steve started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at PMA in 2007 with some help from his wife. Since then he has supplemented his training with Kickboxing and Filipino Kali.

Watch the interview and see what Steve has to say about his training and his life! Enjoy…

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