46 Year Old Mother Of Two, Businesswoman, and Karate Champion

by on April 23, 2012

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46 year old Tamar Springer Mother of Two Karate Champion
This story caught my eye. I know I’ve been posting a lot of inspirational videos and stories about more senior martial artists in their 60s, 80s or even over 100!

But the site is about martial artists over 40 after all, so in this post I’d like to introduce you to Tamar Springer, a 46 year old mother of two.

This is from a write-up in the Palisadian Post.

Tamar Springer is already a mother of two, a licensed psychotherapist and mediator and a businesswoman. On February 26, she added martial arts champion to her resume.

The 46-year-old Palisadian has been practicing karate for three years, mostly at Gerry Blanck’s Martial Arts Center in Pacific Palisades. At the Compete Nationals 2012 in Ontario, Springer took first in the Traditional Forms and Musical Kata brown-belt divisions. She is working towards achieving black-belt status this summer.

Good on you Tamar. Good on you for getting into the martial arts in your early 40s, while juggling a successful career and a family. These could so easily have become excuses to not get started, or to stop training when things get too busy.

And of course the rush you get from martial arts exercise makes for a healthy brain and healthy body, actually giving you more ability to juggle all those things, rather than stealing away time as many people perceive. Tamar shows us all that it really is possible to do all of these things, and do them all to a very high level.

Though her ventures have always been time-consuming, martial arts was something that piqued Springer’s interest.

‘I had thought about doing it for a long time because of the self-defense component, and it’s a hobby where you always have to be active,’ she said. ‘Working and having two kids, the Palisades lends the convenience factor, which is very important. I really started because I needed to be active and wanted to try something new, and it was right here in town.’

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