47-year Old Metaphysics Teacher and His Journey in MMA

by on August 8, 2012

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Martial arts can often be seen as just a hobby for the young by most people. To some extent, people may even wrongly assume that it’s just a passing phase; that people undergoing martial arts training will just eventually grow out of it. However, we know this is pretty much a big misconception.

Aside from the growing interest among middle aged people, martial arts are steadily accumulating a foothold yet again in this generation due to the recent popularity mix martial arts has been gaining.

People who had previous interest and experience in martial arts are slowly gaining back their passion for martial arts training. What’s amazing is a handful of these people are even competing for title bouts in MMA fights. An example of this would be 47-year old college metaphysics teacher, Jim Clark. He was a pro wrestler in high school 30 years ago. His interest was fueled by his dad who was a pro boxer. Today at his age, Jim fights with young people half of his age and believe it or not, he wins.

Jim is currently honing his skills in mixed martial arts by training at Crystal Fight Club. Holding a doctorate degree in metaphysics, I can only imagine the surprise on his colleagues’ faces when they see Jim fighting and winning. In fact, he has just won a title match very recently. With the help of his team, he is learning and improving every single day. Despite all this, it’s humbling to know that his main motivation in fighting is not only to win; but to impart what he knows.

Again, another person has proven that martial arts knows no bound; be it age, social status or the nature of an individual’s job. Here’s a full article posted on CBS Minnesota about the amazing life of Jim Clark as an MMA fighter. Read it and be inspired as I was.

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