50-year Old Former UFC Heavyweight Champ Makes a Big Comeback

by on June 11, 2012

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As I’ve mentioned on some of my previous posts, martial arts is more than just a sport. It’s a way of life. When it becomes a core of your being, it will definitely find its way back into your life even if you’ve tried quitting. Once a martial artist by heart, you will always be one for the rest of your life.

This is what exactly happened to former UFC heavyweight champion Maurice Smith. After four years away from the mixed martial arts scene, he is finally back stronger than ever at 50 years old. And his out to prove that age is never relevant in MMA. Upon picking up his 14th MMA win against Jorge Cordabo, Smith had an interview with Adam Martin from thescore.com

“It was really great, it was exciting, but for me it was just a fight — it doesn’t matter about my age,” Smith told Mauro Ranallo on The MMA Show. “I think my skills will outperform the age issue. (Cordoba), I thought, wasn’t at my level — his heart was at my level — but his skillset didn’t match his heart. It was good for me, a good comeback fight, I guess. I have nothing to complain about.”

Throughout the years, Smith remained true to his identity as an MMA fighter. His passion for his chosen career is very obvious in the way he talks about it in this recent interview. In the way he speaks, it’s evident that his heart is still in MMA despite his long absence. More importantly, he definitely squashed every form of doubt people had regarding him through this recent win.

“My goal is to win a fight by decision, by knockout, or by submission. The issue of age is an issue that (other) people make,” he said. “I can’t say that back in the 1960s when 50 was old, but I’ve been training since I last fought in 2008. When the opportunity came I said great. I enjoy this game and kickboxing because I enjoy the competition.”

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