53-year old Woman’s Self Discovery Through Karate

by on June 10, 2012

in Inspiration

A person can learn a lot of things from martial arts training. More than the health related benefits, an individual is given the opportunity to grow and improve their character in training. On top of that, they also develop a deep sense of belonging because of the unity and camaraderie encouraged during training.

This is what piqued the interest of 53-year old working woman Jana, inspiring her to begin karate classes. She admits to being stressed with the many demands and worries of life. Karate training serves as an avenue for her to unwind and refocus. In addition, training also provided an opportunity for her to discover new things about herself.

At age 53, Karate has become another route to self discovery for Jana. Watch the video below to hear from Jana how Karate training made an impact in her life.

Hear how training at Canada’s Best Karate is getting Jana M. into better shape and renewing her energy.


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