55yo Grandma Recovering From Trauma Through Taekwondo

by on March 4, 2013

in Inspiration

In the darkest times in life, we are often lead to believe that there’s nothing we can do to change who we are or what we think about ourselves. But with some proper guidance and through time, we’ll discover that something good will come out from all of the bad things that has happened.

This is the life story of 55 year old grand mother of two Marie Louise Zeller. She’s considered a Taekwondo expert after training for nine years. And she set her eyes on being the oldest person to achieve a gold medal in Taekwondo in the Olympics.

But it’s inspiring to know that she was lead to Taekwondo after experiencing probably the worst experience a mom could have. Her son fell from a two-story¬†building when he was one and half year old. As a way to cope with the stress, Marie Louise Zeller devoted time to Taekwondo. And this has definitely made wonders in her life.

Interview with Tae Kwon Do Grand Master Sayed Najem training Grandma Ninja Marie Louise Zeller

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