63-year old Kick Boxer Shares Her Motivations

by on March 3, 2013

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At age 63, most people might want to enjoy life relaxing at home and doing what “old” people enjoy doing. It’s not uncommon to hear or see these people living a more laid back and quiet life far from “stress” and “pressures”. To some, it’s a phase in life where one can play it safe.

But not everyone agrees to these notions. Julia, a 63-year old female kick boxer, can prove that people in her age can still enjoy an active lifestyle. Presently, she enjoys enhancing her skills and constantly challenging herself through her training.

To her, training is her way of keeping a healthy lifestyle and making sure she spend her time productively. In this video you can see how serious she is in her training; showing off skills that people 20 years younger than her can only dream of.

More than keeping her physical health in top shape, there are other things that motivates Julia to pursue kickboxing. When asked what motivates her in pursuing her training, Julia states…

“It makes me feel good and makes me forget my troubles. It just feels great, I can’t ask for anything else. I like the people I exercise with too… People are so kind to me even in my advanced age.”

Julia doesn’t only feel the need to be physically fit; she also acknowledges the need to feel good about herself and to belong. And that’s just what her training accomplishes. She keeps herself healthy in so many different aspects of her life.

Julia trains at Greubel’s MMA in Augusta GA. She is not a fighter, but she has the heart and dedication of one. If she can do it… what is your excuse? Greubel’s Mixed Martial Arts is the best training and instruction in Augusta GA. www.greubelsmma.com

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