73-year Old Irish 9th Taekwon-do Grandmaster

by on April 2, 2013

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It’s awe inspiring to see people get recognition for doing things they’re passionate about. This is because we witness all their efforts and undying dedication finally paying off. But for some, getting recognized isn’t necessarily a primary goal. It’s a natural result from long years of hard work and passion.

A great example of this is Grandmaster Robert Howard Sr. At 73 years old, he has been promoted to being the 1st Irish and 4th Non-Korean 9th Grandmaster in Taekwon-Do. He also rank 8th worldwide in this martial arts.

Despite being into Taekwon-do since the 1960s, Grandmaster Robert shows no signs of stopping judging by the skills he clearly still has. Today, he shares what he knows by teaching his students. His love for Taekwon-do is affirmed by his eagerness to still continue teaching in the next ten years if he still lives.

TV3’s The Morning Show and presenter Sybil Mulcahy visited Grandmaster Robert Howard seniors taekwon-do dojang (school) to hear about his promotion in North Korea to Grandmaster and to get some demonstrations on Taekwon-do.

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