85 years old and an Expert in Multiple Martial Arts

by on June 5, 2012

in Inspiration

Now here’s a quote from a martial artist who knows what he is talking about!

I enjoy training. I try to outdo myself sometimes. I try to see if I can get better and better.Even at my old age.

85-year old third degree black belt Fred DeSantis is a real inspiration. Fit and strong, even at 85 he is looking to become better than he already is.

This is the key I think to martial arts, to never be satisfied with where you are at and to never settle.

Fred got his black belt at 72, and it sounds like he’s got an interesting story, especially when it comes to enjoying a bit of rough and tumble.

He enjoys every part of his sport as he considers it as an opportunity to invest in his health and to have fun at the same time. Even when it hurts!

And as he says…

85 is just a number

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