A 53-Year Old’s BJJ Black Belt Story

by on March 20, 2013

in Inspiration

Martial arts training is no joke. It’s exhausting and physically demanding. However, drawing inspiration from other people’s experience might help us push ourselves further.

Take for example, Harvey Hensley who got promoted to black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jutsu at the age of 52. He said he got interested in BJJ through exposure to media especially in UFC. He had previous training on more traditional martial arts. But was interested in learning BJJ and what’s behind it.

He said he was intimated at first to start training considering his age was 43 at that time. However, he met people you continued to encourage him. Training under his teacher Jared Weiner helped him improve his skills more. He even stated that training with younger people was more of the advantage. He was able to push himself a little further because of the energy he gets when training along with the young.

However, he emphasized that hard work and technique are also necessary to succeed in training especially in Brazilian Jui Jutsu which is known for being physically demanding form of martial arts.

An interview with Harvey Hensley, a 52 year old BJJ black belter.

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