A 72-year old Scot and His Pure Passion for Judo

by on June 5, 2012

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To some, martial arts is just a hobby – a pastime for leisure. While to others it’s a life-longĀ  investment in health and wellness.

Martial arts become more than just an interest or a way to stay healthy to those who are deeply passionate about their discipline. It’s not only an art to them. It becomes their life.

And 72 year old George Kerr is one of these people. He says the following things about Judo in an interview published on guardian.co.uk.

“Judo has been my life,” he says, adding that it’s more than just a sport. “There is the whole moral code you need to live by as well — honour, integrity, discipline, politeness, not picking on people who are weaker than you. You have to live up to things such as looking after people. It’s the way of the samurai, really.”

Being 10th Dan and second Brit to be awarded with such honours, much can be said about Kerr and his long list of achievements. But above all, it’s safe to say that Judo has become his life. When asked about retirement, he had the following answer.

“Don’t be silly. If you retire, you die. I can’t imagine it; this is just in my blood.”

Now that’s what I call pure commitment and passion!

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