A 77-year old Retired Tap Dancing Teacher Enjoying Taekwon-Do

by on June 4, 2012

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Starting out is probably the hardest part in any endeavor a person undertakes. And martial arts are no different.

To Dina Parker, a 77 year old retired tap dancing teacher, training for Taekwon-Do started out as form of hobby.

She was encouraged by the involvement of her sons in this sport. Eventually, she developed a love for the sport and has continued to trained since then. Of course persistance has paid off and now she proudly sports a black belt.

She really shows how you just have to find the right motivation, make a start, and then begin working your way through those goals one by one.

Ultimately, martials arts is not just about enjoying a hobby. It’s developing a lifestyle and a commitment to live it, just like Ms. Parker.

Former teacher of tap dancing earns black belt

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