A Mom’s Journey to Win Muay Thai World Title

by on March 13, 2013

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Melissa Walsh is A Gold Coast woman, mother to son Noah, representing Australia in the World Games in Russia for Muay Thai. Because of this she has been training two times a week during a four month period to prepare.

It is safe to assume that Melissa Walsh has come a long way. Initially, she just wanted to shed the extra weight she gained while being pregnant. This is very common reason for people engaging in any type of sports or martial arts. However, Melissa has developed a passion for Muay Thai. After losing almost ten pounds she is fixing her eyes on winning Muay Thai competition as she decides to pursue fighting professionally.

In the video, we see her pouring all that she’s got into her training. Melissa is a living testament to how far a person can go when she puts her mind to the things she intends to accomplish in life.

A Gold Coast mother who turned to martial arts to shed her excess baby weight is now preparing for a world title bout.

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