Father and Son Tandem Muay Thai Training

by on March 10, 2013

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Even more exciting than doing something you are passionate about, is sharing the whole experience with someone you deeply care for. This is what father and son Peter and Thomas McCormick have to day about sharing years of training in Muay Thai.

Ironically, it was Thomas who made his dad realize his passion for martial arts. Peter, seeing his son train for Muay Thai at age 5, tried his hand at training a month after his son begun. He has never stopped since. After 20 years, Peter is presently training his 25 year old son for competition.

Having had a successful run as a Muay Thai fighter, Peter retired from fighting professionally ten years ago. However, he said he can’t let go of his passion as he still continues to train with his son. Thomas said his father is very supportive and helping him pursue his dreams.

Short documentary about Thomas McCormick and his father Peter McCormick about their life in Muay Thai and life at the Wicker Camp, Sheffield. made by Dan Wal…

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