Grandpa Keeps Going and Going and Going!

by on October 1, 2011

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Marvin Lovell, a now-69 year old Grandfather from Rockford MI used to watch his grandson at karate training.

Along with a few other grandpas he sat on the sidelines for a year or so. Until a conversation one day which went along the lines of “I’ll do it if you will”! And they all signed up!

Years later he’s still hard at it, getting his black belt in 2009.

Nothing seems to stop him. He’s had a heart attack, killing off a chunk of his heart, but he keeps on going!

In fact his doctor thinks training is good for him. This is what his doctor had to say…

“Despite breaking your toes, breaking fingers, damaging your ribs, blood on the brain for three days in hospital, I think you should keep it up!”

Tim Doty goes ‘on the mat’ with 69 year old Marvin Lowell of Rockford, MI who was awarded his Black belt by Super T Karate in Grand Rapids, MI in November 20009.

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