Interview With A Senior Citizen Martial Artist

by on September 12, 2011

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I found this really great interview on YouTube. Jack Tuberville, an older martial artist, discusses some of the things he’s enjoyed about doing martial arts.

His attitude is great and his obvious enjoyment of the martial arts is really engaging.

At the end of the interview he lists some really great reasons senior citizens should be getting involved in the martial arts.

I really like the advice he shares too… “Just do the best you can, and come back tomorrow”. While that’s perfect in a martial arts context, it also can apply to everything that you do in life.

MUST WATCH! Jack Tuberville, PMA’s November 2010 Client Spotlight, discusses the benefits of martial arts for seniors. Each month PMA chooses one of our most successful clients to turn the spotlight on and find out more about their training. This month PMA has chosen 65 year old, Jack Tuberville, as the “Client Spotlight.” Jack started training at Progressive Martial Arts in March of 2004 and wishes more seniors would consider martial arts.

Jack trains both in PMA’s Filkenjutsu Class and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Jack lists one of his most proud moments in the martial arts as receiving his Blue Belt in BJJ under PMA’s Instructor Emeritus, Pedro Brandao Lacerda. Jack stated, “Getting a belt under Pedro ranks right up there with going against that judo guy. Pedro’s value goes way beyond jiu jitsu.”
Watch to see what Jack has to say…

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