Martial Arts: A Blueprint For Good Living

by on September 27, 2011

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Whatever people’s reasons for starting the martial arts, those who stay usually learn that there is a lot more to their chosen art than the physical aspects of training.

In this video, Britt really explains it well. She seems to have only been doing the martial arts for a short time, but she’s already picked up some awesome lessons.

Firstly she has this to say about training with the young ones…

I felt I couldn’t do what the young people were doing and the fellows were doing. I realized I was just as capable at pushing myself as they were at pushing themselves. And it wasn’t about being in competition.

But it’s not always as easy as that. She goes on to say…

Over a bit of time I realized I’d slipped into the headspace where it was competitiveness, and I realized I wasn’t reaching self-improvement as long as I was comparing myself to how well somebody else was doing.

She finished off describing her martial art as “a blueprint for good living”. Watch the video to see how her training has extended into other areas of her life.

Britt tells her story of starting martial arts at 50 years old – how she came for the fitness, but stayed for the new perspectives and options it gave her!

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