Middle Aged Mom’s Renewed Eagerness for Karate

by on June 10, 2012

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As a person advances in age, priorities change. What you may consider as important when you are 20 years old may not be as important to you when you reach 45.

Along with our priorities, our interests change significantly over time as well. For instance, some people might have seen martial arts training as too violent for them at one point but a few years later they find themselves enjoying training. Or the timing might not be quite right. As I have mentioned in my newsletter, I had started Aikido but had to give it away because I was trying to do too much. The timing was just not right for me.

This is exactly what happened to Susan, a middle aged mom. According to her, she was interested in karate in the past but just couldn’t find the right timing to commit to it. But things made quite a turn and she is now enjoying every moment of training. Watch the video below to learn more about Susan’s renewed interest for martial arts.

Susan, a mom at our dojo, takes the time to share with us her experiences training along side her son. She trains with her son Aaron at Zen Martial Arts in East Sacramento.

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