Mother of Two and Her New Passion for Boxing

by on March 18, 2013

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Rachel Marshall grew in a very active family. She, along with her siblings, excelled in many different sport in primary school back in the UK. Her parents were in an all out support during her growing years. She had set her eyes to become an Olympic runner someday. But due to her height, she wasn’t eligible to do so. She accepted this and went on with her life pursuing teaching Physical Education as a career.

Many years after, Rachel found herself developing a love for contact sports specifically boxing. Being married with two kids and living in Singapore, Rachel was delighted to try out a 12 week boxing training after witnessing a charity fight. In the next couple of months, Rachel devoted herself to her training while juggling being a mom at the same time. Her husband Lee couldn’t be more supportive.

Although she lost her first fight, Rachel still continue to hone her skill as a boxer. She will not pursue boxing professionally but that doesn’t make her passion towards it less in any way.

Rachel Marshall will continue to hone her skills despite not pursuing professional boxing.

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