Oldest Professional MMA Figther at 62

by on June 18, 2012

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Oftentimes older people doing martials arts training  have no intention of competing. They leave all that stuff to the young bucks. 

Well, this post might be a shock to people who might underestimate a 60-year old martial artist!  Skip Hall is considered the oldest professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter at the age of 62. Shannon Ritch, an MMA promoter, has the following things to say about Skip Hall.

“Skip is a fierce competitor and highly regarded by both the fans and fighters. His age might initially cause people to take notice of him, but that soon becomes secondary when they see him and watch him actually compete on the same level as the usual 20 year olds in MMA.” Shannon said.

This only proves (yet again!) that age is just a number. Despite the age difference, Skip is still able to keep up with younger competitors in the ring. Not only that, he continues to train in order to improve his skills. Being a Vietnam War veteran, you would expect him to opt for retirement soon but he won’t. He still trains and works hard at what he does. Skip says the following about his career as an MMA fighter in a press release.

Skip candidly said, “As a kid I learned to fight out of necessity in order to survive. Now I get paid for something I use to get in trouble for doing.” When asked about competing in the hardest sport in the world, Skip says, “Thanks to my overall speed, ability to train hard and recover fast, and my family’s support I have been able to continue doing something that I love.

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One other thing…  I sure hope I look that fit and strong at 60!

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