Seeking for More: A 57-Year Old’s Passion for BJJ

by on March 15, 2013

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In martial arts, seeking for more to learn is definitely a natural desire when you develop a deep passion towards it. The passion a person develops just fuels up the drive to be more skillful and learn more.

Lorne, a 57 year old Brazilian Jui Jutsu practitioner, admits to having a really great time training for various martial arts. However, his personal favorite is BJJ although he has been training in Muay Thai and boxing for about 5 years.

He loves sharing and training with others and at the same time developing his skills in BJJ. Garnering his blue belt only in 2008, Lorne considers this achievement as equally fulfilling as finishing his PhD when he was still 24 years old. Despite all of these, Lorne still believes there are so much too learn especially in martial arts. In the coming years, he still desires to enhance his skills on the mat in BJJ as well as other forms of martial arts.

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