Sifu Desmond Jackson: The Father and the Teacher

by on March 16, 2013

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Martial arts training brings forth enumerable benefits to a person. It enhances a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. However, the long lasting advantage of training will have to be the forging of strong relationships among students and event to the teacher.

This is what Desmond Jackson of Gainesville Dojo invest on when teaching Whirling Tiger Kung Fu. With his 26 years worth of experience, there’s no doubt in expertise and authority in Kung Fu that was developed over the years. However, he still considers building a strong relationship with his students to be a hallmark in a successful career in martial arts.

He is addressed as Sifu by his students which means father and teacher. This only means that training students as a teacher and caring for them like a father is possible in martial arts training. He states that having his own family around supporting him pursue his passion helped him a lot in becoming a good teacher to his students.

Sifu Desmond Jackson explains what teaching Whirling Tiger Kung Fu does for his life. He compares his relation with students in his Kung Fu school to a famil…

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