Women Empowerment: Jennifer Chadam’s Martial Arts Story

by on March 30, 2013

in Inspiration

When you’re a mom, people often think you have a lot of responsibilities that you have barely enough time to do things for yourself. Although there’s nothing wrong with this, having women especially moms do something they want for themselves is empowering and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

This is what Jennifer Chadam has to say when asked about her Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jutsu training. She is a 41 year old mom of two and local educational center executive.

Jennifer explains in the video that training helped her get in touched with her athletic side which she tried to avoid due to injuries in the past. Today she now enjoys training because of the changes it made in the way she feels and looks at herself. Ultimately, she does it to be happy and feel good about herself.

Jennifer Chadam, a highly enthusiastic and dedicated martial artist, is a 41 year old working mother with two sons. She’s an executive at an educational center here in Singapore. Jennifer has improved incredibly in both Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in her time at Evolve MMA. Above all, she exemplifies the warrior spirit and humility of a true martial artist. She is an excellent role model for the Evolve Family.

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