Mark Cook – “the Perfect Age”

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In an online discussion a while back a person lamented to me, “I always wanted to study martial arts. Now it’s too late.”

I asked him how old he was and he replied, “17!”  Now, if you’re seventeen, you might not be able to see the humor in this but if you’re over forty, you do. Too old at 17!?

Although I was tempted, I didn’t mock him. I just told him, “That’s the perfect age to start.”

And the truth is, whatever age you are is the perfect age to start.

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Health Benefits of Tai Chi for the Elderly

Martial arts isn’t just about self defense and acquiring multi-coloured belts. Over the years, martial arts has also proven to help people gain back a certain level of functioning to an inured body part. Other forms help people achieve a sense of emotional and spiritual stability. Tai Chi has proven to be one of the […]

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73-Year Old Irish 9th Taekwon-Do Grandmaster

It’s awe inspiring to see people get recognition for doing things they’re passionate about. This is because we witness all their efforts and undying dedication finally paying off. But for some, getting recognized isn’t necessarily a primary goal. It’s a natural result from long years of hard work and passion. A great example of this […]

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Women Empowerment: Jennifer Chadam’s Martial Arts Story

When you’re a mom, people often think you have a lot of responsibilities that you have barely enough time to do things for yourself. Although there’s nothing wrong with this, having women especially moms do something they want for themselves is empowering and shouldn’t be taken for granted. This is what Jennifer Chadam has to […]

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66 Year-Old Taking Control Over Her Disease Through Karate

It’s human nature to seek control over the situation you are in. But life is unpredictable. When unexpected changes happen to our lives, we fear because we know our ability to control is threatened. This is why having a chronic disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis is frightening. But Flo Covell, a 66 year old woman […]

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36 Year-Old Mom and Figther

There are more than a dozen reasons why people get into martial arts. For the young it could be a hobby and for the old it could be for health related reasons. But some people have some unconventional reasons and stories on how they ended up with martial arts. Take for example Julie Kitchen, a […]

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Cane Fu: Self Defense for the Elderly

Training in martial arts brings a lot of benefits. For the elderly, this can translate to having a healthier body and contribute to a positive outlook in life. Most importantly, it can serve as another means of learning self defense. This is especially important for the elderly that often fall victims to opportunistic people. The […]

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A 53-Year Old’s BJJ Black Belt Story

Martial arts training is no joke. It’s exhausting and physically demanding. However, drawing inspiration from other people’s experience might help us push ourselves further. Take for example, Harvey Hensley who got promoted to black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jutsu at the age of 52. He said he got interested in BJJ through exposure to media especially in […]

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Mother of Two and Her New Passion for Boxing

Rachel Marshall grew in a very active family. She, along with her siblings, excelled in many different sport in primary school back in the UK. Her parents were in an all out support during her growing years. She had set her eyes to become an Olympic runner someday. But due to her height, she wasn’t […]

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51 Year Old Mom and Her Blue Belt in Filkenjutsu

Martial arts may not be appealing to many the first time they encounter it due to the violent and misleading reputation it has. However, there are also many who changed their view on martial arts after knowing and experiencing it. One of these people is 51 year old Doni Molony. After being forced to try […]

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