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Here we feature your stories of training in the martial arts past the age of 40. So whether you are just getting started in a martial art, or you have been training for many years, you can share your experiences, wisdom knowledge and insights here.

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Mark Cook – “The Perfect Age”

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In an online discussion a while back a person lamented to me, “I always wanted to study martial arts. Now it’s too late.”

I asked him how old he was and he replied, “17!”  Now, if you’re seventeen, you might not be able to see the humor in this but if you’re over forty, you do. Too old at 17!?

Although I was tempted, I didn’t mock him. I just told him, “That’s the perfect age to start.”

And the truth is, whatever age you are is the perfect age to start.

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Learning How To Fly – My Test For Black Belt – Kristina Selting

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When my instructor called my name to receive my belt, it was almost like a dream! As he tied it around my waist, all I could do was stare at it and when he reached out his hand to shake mine — he smiled and winked and I knew I had made it. By tradition, every black belt test concludes with 50 knuckle pushups and I’ve never felt happier doing pushups!! Never before in my life had I felt more sweaty, exhausted, and proud. I had absolutely left it all on the mat and although Black Belt is considered the “beginning” of serious study, the end of my first phase is a day I’ll never forget!!

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40+ Martial Artist Fitter Than He Was In His 20s – Stewart Davison

Stewart Davison started martial arts in his late 30s, and now 6 years later says that he feels fitter now than when he was in the military in his 20s. That is really quite something. He has some brilliant observations about being a more mature student, and about being a role-model for his children

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Forced Transition Into a New Martial Art When Age Caught Up – Craig Hart

Craig Hart Changed Martial Art When Age Caught Up

The next mistake I made was thinking “I’m now too old for martial arts” so basically gave away the thought of it and turned my focus to gym training and off road running for my goals. That lasted a good few years but it still didn’t fulfil me and the desire to train in a martial art just wouldn’t go away.

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Started Martial Arts at 56, 4th Dan at 68, and Still Going Strong – Dale Copeland

Started Martial Arts at 56, 4th Dan at 68, and Still Going Strong - Dale Copeland

I first saw Dale Copeland in action at her testing for 1st Dan black belt when she was 60 years old. What an inspiration. I’ve never seen someone with so much determination and dedication to Taekwon-Do before. Dale just oozes Spirit! (and not just in Taekwon-Do)

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It’s Now Or Never – Pete Rindal

Pete Rindal - It's Now Or Never

I have been training for four weeks now and have already experienced weight loss thanks to eating better and exercising, less aching in my joints, and better flexibility. All of this combined gives me a better attitude and increases my self-confidence. I have met some very nice people with goals similar to mine which gives me motivation to keep going.

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