Avoiding Martial Arts Training Burnout Through Proper Rest

by on August 2, 2012

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Martial arts training can benefit an individual in so many different ways. Aside from improving health through a consistent form of physical activity, it can also help individual develop positive attitudes such as patience and discipline. This only proves that the impact of martial arts is holistic. Its scope goes beyond the physical aspect. It includes the mind, emotions and way of living in a broader view. In other words, it promotes the total growth of a person.

But it must be emphasized that the benefits can only be enjoyed when training is done properly. Since training involves physical exertion, rest is needed in order to replenish the body’s energy. Without appropriate rest, an individual doesn’t only suffer from exhaustion and stress, but will also miss out on the intended benefits of martial arts training. This is especially significant to middle aged individuals in martial arts.

Rest is important not only for those in training to completely enjoy the benefits of martial arts. It is significant to rest in order to avoid burnout from training. Burning out is one of the main reason why people don’t last long in training. In order to make sure that you improve and stay energized, you need to know how and when to rest your body from training. ┬áIn order to help you understand the importance of proper rest in martial arts training, I’ve quoted the following sections from an article entitled 3 Tips to Avoid Training Burnout in Your Martial Arts Training.

Your martial arts training should leave you feeling more energized and should put you in a good mood. If you find yourself feeling abnormally tired or if your mood is low following your training, then you may be spending too much time training without giving your body the rest that it needs. The same is true if you experience perpetual muscle soreness and fatigue or if your workout seems to be getting more difficult rather than easier.

To prevent this from happening, you should take off one or two days per week to allow your body to rest and recover. As your body grows stronger, working out every day of the week may no longer be a problem for you, but occasional rest is still an important step in avoiding burnout.

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Richard Olpin August 2, 2012 at 10:46 pm

Very apt timing on this one, I had a couple of days of definite over-training this week on very low carbs and not enough rest. Feeling it now..


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